Exclusive Summer Guide: How to Choose the Right Beach Bag Tote?

Summer is coming close, and beach bag tote is a must-have item. From medium size tote to extra-large, here is the ultimate guide for choosing the right beach bag every time you head out to the beach.

Beach bag tote is an essential item since it’s extraordinarily versatile and easy to work with. You can have fun with any outfit to match the beach aesthetic. Then all you have left is throw on a beautiful, minimal beach bag tote, and everything will come together. Packing with this spacious bag is incredible, too. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, make-up products, even an iPad, can fit in perfectly.

So while these bags can carry the world for your summer trip, let us break it down for you. Which feature an excellent quality beach bag tote should have? How to select the correct item and how to style them, it’s all here in this article. Come on in!

Beach Bag Tote

What To Look For When Choosing A Beach Bag Tote?

As there are so many types of beach bags available on the market, choosing the right one for your needs isn’t easy. So first, before you continue scrolling on the online market, have a look at this first.

The first thing you can check is the tote material. Regular canvas and weave are the two materials that you can find in most beach bag tote. They are lightweight, low cost, and come with many prints and designs. However, we recommend choosing a beach bag tote with waterproof material.

Some popular material you can choose for a waterproof beach bag is vinyl, treated canvas, polyester, and so much more. Not only easy to use, but the bag also has some inner pockets to store your car keys or hotel cards and even your phone.

Wondering why? Waterproof beach bag tote will not only keep your things always dry and clean, but it also makes it more durable and fewer stains. Thus, they are much easier to clean and store as well. For a care-free summer vacation, go for the waterproof beach tote.

The second feature is the size. A bag size equivalent to its ability to store things. Determine the sizes that you need. For example, young moms with little kids should buy larger size beach bag tote to have enough room for their kids. And if you just bring sunscreen and a towel, a medium or small will be just fine.

The next thing to consider is the bag design. If you want to go for an entirely minimal look, choose a beach bag tote with no prints, then you can decorate whatever you want. Color-block beach bag is impressive as well. When it comes to summer items, we should always go a little bit bolder. Another small detail that will be very helpful for you while carrying the bag is that they should come with a zipper of buttons. In that way, the things you keep in that bag can be secure and protect.

And last but not least, your budget. Typically, you don’t need to go to an expensive beach bag. However, if you really want to make the investment in higher quality products, you should make a border on your budget. It’s hard to resist the temptation of shopping when seeing hundreds of charming designs laying out for your choice. But spend your money wisely, you won’t want to end up with a closet flooded with items.

How To Use The Beach Bag Tote?

Pack your luggage light and pack your dream big, that’s why you can use a simple beach bag tote in every moment of your summer trip. If you’re wondering how, let us show you.

On the go

Airport or train station, or even on a car trip, a beach bag tote is still very important. You may be surprised to realize how many vital things you can bring along within the bag. Passport, tickets, a small book, a phone, and a power bank, not to mention wallet, lipsticks, and so on, can fit in a beach bag tote with ease. All the things you need on a flight or train are right there, and you can say goodbye to messy luggage or ticket loss.

At the beach

Whenever hitting the beach, there are things that you have to bring with you, and what could be easier with a beach bag tote? Sunscreen, towel, sunglasses, beach hat, small speakers to jam some music, they got you covered. Plus, while bringing enough essentials for your beach time, you also go out there with style.

While sightseeing

It’s not just about heading to the beach, you’ll have more activities to do and other things to bring along. That beach bag tote is here for you once again. From a water bottle to a bag of chips, you can rely on this bag to carry it for you.

Let’s get dinner

With most ladies on a summer trip, you can either go for a flowy dress or girly shorts, while the tote bag can still do the work. You can bring tissues, hand sanitizer, or some make-up products with you while always emphasizing the beach aesthetic. Everything you need is now right beside.

Shopping time!

Most trips will require a little shopping, maybe for snacks and fruits, perhaps for some local souvenirs, who knows. But with a beach tote bag, you can help to save the environment by using fewer plastic bags. Just place that bag of chip right in your tote, and everything will be safe and clean all the way.

Every time you’re heading for a summer vacation, never forget such useful items as the beach bag tote. They can be stylish while holding your itinerary for you. Plus, they can be used and styled in multiple ways to fit your needs. Packing less means you can enjoy your summertime more. Show us the bag that you have for this summer trip right in the comment below. Don’t forget to follow us for more essential hacks and tutorials!

Waterproof Travel Shoes Designs

It is common for people to travel from one place to another. Travelling is somewhat common for many people such that they have been used to the inconveniences caused by weather. Due to uncertainties that come about with travelling to places you are not aware of the weather pattern, you need to take extra precaution just in case the unexpected happens. In such a case you need waterproof travelling shoes, however, you need to go for the shoes with the best design in order to have the best time outdoors

Travel Shoe Designs


The best designed waterproof shoes are comfortable. When it comes to considering travel shoes, you should go for the most comfortable of all since you will have to spend a lot of time in them. Otherwise, your time in the shoes will not be great. Moreover, shoes that are comfortable will prompt you to keep on changing them. This means that you will have to carry another pair of shoes that increase the weight you carry in your journey. When you are out there trying to get a pair of travelling shoes, you should make sure that you go for the most comfortable of them. You can do this by purchasing the shoes a number of days prior to the trip and then trying them on. This will give you time to get used to them for more comfort.

Appropriate For Destination

Moreover, shoes that are best suited for your destination are the best designs ever. Shoes are designed to be worn but there are specific shoe designs for every occasion. This simply means that you will have to know the type of shoe that you should wear as you travel. It would be very inappropriate for you to rock in a pair of flat shoes in the long grass of Amazon. Also, wearing heavy duty boots in the New York streets might as well be inappropriate. Therefore, you should be aware of your destination and the nature of shoes that you should have.

Air vents/Cooling

Waterproof travelling shoes might be classy but the material making them is meant to keep your feet warm and protected. To ensure that a lot of heat does not accumulate in the shoes and that your feet are aerated, waterproof shoes are fitted with air vents. These ensure that air constantly flows in and out of shoes. The best designed waterproof travelling shoes are the ones with air vents to avoid excess heat and to prevent them from being soaked with sweat.


A shoe that you can only use for one purpose is not the best kind of shoe to wear. The best-designed shoes are the ones that you can wear in multiple instances and still fit in the crowd while at the same time being comfortable and looking elegant. The best-designed travel shoes are the kind that apart from providing you with comfort assures more traction, lightweight and stylish to ensure that you do not have to buy different shoes for every place that you go.


Shies that make you look like you are from the marsupials’ era are not the best to wear when travelling. While style is not an option, it just does not come easily. You have to look for the most stylish shoes of all while at the same time enjoying the comfort and the protection they offer. Waterproof travelling shoes are also stylish but you have to look harder for the best of them. The best design of waterproof shoes is the stylish type that gives you the elegance you desire.


Responsible travel has been the biggest trend in the market. Therefore, the best designed waterproof travel shoes that you can acquire are the ones that conserve the environment. Vegan-friendly shoes that lead to less use of animal products ensure a green ecosystem. Make sure that you acquire such a pair of shoes and contribute to environmental conservation.


Have you been looking for travelling shoes? You should go for the type that best defines you and at the same time ensures your safety and comfort. The best designed waterproof shoes are the ones that have an eco-design, stylish, air vents versatile, comfortable and appropriate for your destination. This kind of shoes will ensure that you get the best out of your travel.

Organic Cotton Grocery Bags

Humans have for the last two centuries destroyed, the soils, the air, water and the whole environment with the products that they every day put to use. In a bid to seek retribution, environmentally healthy products are now being introduced to replace the synthetic ones that were previously being used. Some of these products include common ones like grocery bags. The manufacture of grocery bags has had its course shifted towards the use of reusable organic materials like organic cotton grocery bags. The end products of this process are now economical, practical and ensure a healthy environment.

cotton bags

These high-quality products have assured the world of a better environment in future hence attracting the attention of many investors, innovators and manufacturers. Furthermore, organic cotton grocery bags come in different shapes and sizes as well as diverse designs which can be used by people of all ages and gender. This points out towards acquiring one of these bags with the minimum hustle possible. To ensure the success of this process, the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) organization has come in to provide certification to all the companies that are involved in the manufacture of these bags. This organization stipulates the standards as well as the requirements for every firm involved in the manufacture of organic products. The regulations involve the social responsibilities, labour conditions and the whole ecology chain of changing the raw materials to finished product.

Organic cotton grocery bags enjoy numerous merits that surpass the involved shortcomings. One of the advantages is that the raw materials used are acquired directly from the farmers hence creating a market for locally produced agricultural goods. Various countries in the world enjoy a favourable climate for the production of cotton. However, for a long time, the uses of cotton have always been limited hence the product has been fetching little income from the international market. However, with the increase in cotton uses, its demand has arisen to unimaginable levels hence increasing the income the product fetches in the market. This has provided an opportunity for cotton farmers to have their product being obtained directly from the farms at the price they deserve and an opportunity for investment hence increasing the farmers’ income and improving the general economic status of the involved countries.

Unlike most of the synthetic products that need sophisticated technologies to convert raw materials to simple finish products like plastic grocery bags, the technology involved in the manufacture of organic cotton grocery bags is pretty simple. Investors in this process spend less on technology whence the finished product is sold at a very pocket-friendly price. Moreover, the involved raw material is readily available, easy to acquire and easy to transport because it is less bulky compared to other forms of raw materials like petroleum products involved in the polymerization process to produce plastic grocery bags. The process of acquiring cotton as a raw material from the firms is very easy compared to the process of excavating crude oil. Also, unlike the exploration process to discover the areas rich in crude oil, cotton is cultivated in diverse known areas in the world where the manufacturers can easily locate and access.

Normal transportation mechanisms are the best for the transport of cotton to the firm without destroying the roads, polluting the environment or causing diverse catastrophes like fire. After the delivery of the raw material, a straightforward process of yarn spinning, knitting of the fabric and sewing of the bags follows with the use of rather simple machines. This makes organic cotton grocery bags the best to use since they are associated with less havoc and environmental conservation. The simplicity involved allows for the manufacture of large quantities of the final product in an easy way hence making them cheap and easy to acquire. A lot of income that can be used in different ways is saved in the process and the environment is saved as well.


Apart from the food we consume, another way through which we negatively affect our environment is through simple products like grocery bags that we use daily. The use of eco-friendly products is our only way out hence we must use the resources we have to seek ways to become eco-friendly as fast as possible. The road to identifying high impact products and practices has not been smooth but we are gradually succeeding. With the use of organic cotton grocery bags, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel for our planet.

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Organic Women’s Apparel

The lovers of style and fashion will most definitely tell you that style is personal. Unlike men, women are known to be more attracted to the apparel world. This gender, therefore, constitutes the significant many in the current apparel market. When you speak of beauty, women’s beauty lies in what they wear hence their innate attractiveness to diverse forms of apparels. Most recently, technological advancement has led to the rise of organic women’s apparel. This article will shed light on this issue and how it has affected women all over the globe.

Organic women’s apparel has recently become common in the world market. They are known to provide an exceptionally elegant look to those who choose them more than the chemically made apparels. More so, their contribution to the environmental conservation is commendable since their rate of decay is remarkably high compared to most the other forms of apparels. This means that once disposed of, they stay only for a very short period of time in the soil after which they completely decompose and contribute to soil fertility. This makes them the best apparels for use by every gender since they assure a more promising conducive environment than anything else in the world. As it is known, the earth as we know it is on the verge of getting destroyed. It is said that we might be the only civilization that will be able to document its extinction if we are not careful. According to the United Nations report, humans will have destroyed their habitat by the year 2030 which calls for immediate action. In response to this threat, women’s organic apparels have been developed not because they are more superior to the chemically made apparels but also because they contribute a great deal to the environmental conservation.

Various companies have risen to specialize in the design and the manufacturer as well as the sale of organic women’s apparels. Their efforts have largely been recognized through the existence of diverse and affordable women apparels in the market. These companies have flooded the market with modern apparel designs making the acquisition of women apparels irresistible. Thanks to the widely available resources, these companies have been able to offer a variety of organic as well as ecofriendly apparels sourced from different parts of the world. The major materials that have been used to design and manufacture organic apparels include clay-based dyes, low impact water, recycled plastics, recycled cotton, soy and silk as well as 100% cotton among others. These materials are widely available in many countries of the world which reduces the burden of raw material acquisition. Essentially, the rise of organically made women apparels has contributed to technological advancement in the same field of study hence giving more hope to our ailing world.


Major benefits have been associated with organically made women apparels. Some of these benefits include the absence of pesticides used in the cultivation of the raw materials used. As it is known, most pesticides are made from chemicals that lead to environmental degradation. Soil destruction, air pollution, water pollution and ozone layer depletion are some of the issues are associated with the use of pesticides. However, failure to use these chemicals is a stepping stone towards achieving a more reformed ecology. The use of organically made apparels has made this possible by ensuring a reduction in the use of chemicals since most of the organic law materials used do not require pesticides to form. Moreover, the companies that engage in the design and manufacture of these products are always inclined towards the principle of fair trade. This means that the raw materials used in the manufacture of these products are directly sourced from the farmers. The farmers involved in the provision of these raw materials are fairly compensated. This contributes to economic growth as well as the growth and advancement of the market of products acquired from the farmers. Essentially, every involved party benefits immensely from this trade. This process leads to the manufacture of products like zemes, xylem clothings, Shoes organic, yana dee, viverano, vital hemp, thread for thoughts, synergy organics, spiritex, solmate socks, royal apparel, repair the world and proyog yoga wear among other organic apparels…


Just like the ancient world, human beings have shifted to the use of organic products since these products are easy to use, easily accessible, largely available and most of all, ecologically beneficial. Unlike the ancient world where dry skin and tree barks were used to wrap around the body, the modern world has introduced numerous designs that are captivating to the human eyes. Women have most definitely been used to steer this evolution through the introduction of organic women’s apparel in different styles and designs.

Information about blacksheepheap.com

Black Sheep Heap is a small, progressive design house focusing on projects that promote sustainability, laughter, and social justice.

We do custom graphic creation and screen printing, and we produce our own line of hand-printed organic apparel and recycled bags, using water-based, non-toxic inks. All of our packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Black Sheep Heap has been a member of the Green Business Network since December 2010, a distinguished and celebrated group of companies that use their products and services as a vehicle for social and environmental change.

You can find Black Sheep Heap on Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/blacksheepheap) and in small, independent boutiques (https://blacksheepheap.com/stockists-2/) throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Jillian Rose graduated in 2006 from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design with a degree in music and technology, concentrating in studio art. She moved to New York to further her experimental music studies at Harvestworks. Jillian is an emerging abstract artist (http://www.jillianrose.com) and current resident at the Wayfarers Brooklyn, a gallery and studio space in Bushwick, Brooklyn (http://brooklynwayfarers.org).

Jillian managed and printed for Black Sheep Heap with founder Jen Harris for three years before becoming the proud new owner and director in March 2012. Jillian is looking forward to bringing Black Sheep Heap in new directions, while still maintaining the same ideals that the company was built upon.


Black Sheep Heap was founded in 2005 by Jen P. Harris (http://www.jenpharris.com), a New York-based painter and graphic artist. Jen’s original designs were inspired by her travels to India, as well as her interests in environmental activism and Russian avant-garde posters. She continues to paint and design in Hudson, N.Y.

Fearless Forager Posters Now Available for Pre-Order

On November 11, Black Sheep Heap and Fine Artichoke will be releasing a series of three different FEARLESS FORAGER limited edition posters, designed and hand-printed by Jen P. Harris.

You (yes, you!) can assist in financing the production of these editions by pre-ordering a poster here.

If you pre-order between now and October 31, the price will be just $30! After the release, the posters will sell for $45.

Jen will be printing these editions at Women’s Studio Workshop, in Rosendale, NY, the week of October 24. If you order now, you’ll get your poster(s) hot off the press!

Think of this as a Kickstarter campaign without Kickstarter.

The size of each of the editions will be 75-100, depending on advance interest. Limit 3 pre-orders per person.

Thank you in advance for your support!