Exclusive Summer Guide: How to Choose the Right Beach Bag Tote?

Summer is coming close, and beach bag tote is a must-have item. From medium size tote to extra-large, here is the ultimate guide for choosing the right beach bag every time you head out to the beach.

Beach bag tote is an essential item since it’s extraordinarily versatile and easy to work with. You can have fun with any outfit to match the beach aesthetic. Then all you have left is throw on a beautiful, minimal beach bag tote, and everything will come together. Packing with this spacious bag is incredible, too. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, make-up products, even an iPad, can fit in perfectly.

So while these bags can carry the world for your summer trip, let us break it down for you. Which feature an excellent quality beach bag tote should have? How to select the correct item and how to style them, it’s all here in this article. Come on in!

Beach Bag Tote

What To Look For When Choosing A Beach Bag Tote?

As there are so many types of beach bags available on the market, choosing the right one for your needs isn’t easy. So first, before you continue scrolling on the online market, have a look at this first.

The first thing you can check is the tote material. Regular canvas and weave are the two materials that you can find in most beach bag tote. They are lightweight, low cost, and come with many prints and designs. However, we recommend choosing a beach bag tote with waterproof material.

Some popular material you can choose for a waterproof beach bag is vinyl, treated canvas, polyester, and so much more. Not only easy to use, but the bag also has some inner pockets to store your car keys or hotel cards and even your phone.

Wondering why? Waterproof beach bag tote will not only keep your things always dry and clean, but it also makes it more durable and fewer stains. Thus, they are much easier to clean and store as well. For a care-free summer vacation, go for the waterproof beach tote.

The second feature is the size. A bag size equivalent to its ability to store things. Determine the sizes that you need. For example, young moms with little kids should buy larger size beach bag tote to have enough room for their kids. And if you just bring sunscreen and a towel, a medium or small will be just fine.

The next thing to consider is the bag design. If you want to go for an entirely minimal look, choose a beach bag tote with no prints, then you can decorate whatever you want. Color-block beach bag is impressive as well. When it comes to summer items, we should always go a little bit bolder. Another small detail that will be very helpful for you while carrying the bag is that they should come with a zipper of buttons. In that way, the things you keep in that bag can be secure and protect.

And last but not least, your budget. Typically, you don’t need to go to an expensive beach bag. However, if you really want to make the investment in higher quality products, you should make a border on your budget. It’s hard to resist the temptation of shopping when seeing hundreds of charming designs laying out for your choice. But spend your money wisely, you won’t want to end up with a closet flooded with items.

How To Use The Beach Bag Tote?

Pack your luggage light and pack your dream big, that’s why you can use a simple beach bag tote in every moment of your summer trip. If you’re wondering how, let us show you.

On the go

Airport or train station, or even on a car trip, a beach bag tote is still very important. You may be surprised to realize how many vital things you can bring along within the bag. Passport, tickets, a small book, a phone, and a power bank, not to mention wallet, lipsticks, and so on, can fit in a beach bag tote with ease. All the things you need on a flight or train are right there, and you can say goodbye to messy luggage or ticket loss.

At the beach

Whenever hitting the beach, there are things that you have to bring with you, and what could be easier with a beach bag tote? Sunscreen, towel, sunglasses, beach hat, small speakers to jam some music, they got you covered. Plus, while bringing enough essentials for your beach time, you also go out there with style.

While sightseeing

It’s not just about heading to the beach, you’ll have more activities to do and other things to bring along. That beach bag tote is here for you once again. From a water bottle to a bag of chips, you can rely on this bag to carry it for you.

Let’s get dinner

With most ladies on a summer trip, you can either go for a flowy dress or girly shorts, while the tote bag can still do the work. You can bring tissues, hand sanitizer, or some make-up products with you while always emphasizing the beach aesthetic. Everything you need is now right beside.

Shopping time!

Most trips will require a little shopping, maybe for snacks and fruits, perhaps for some local souvenirs, who knows. But with a beach tote bag, you can help to save the environment by using fewer plastic bags. Just place that bag of chip right in your tote, and everything will be safe and clean all the way.

Every time you’re heading for a summer vacation, never forget such useful items as the beach bag tote. They can be stylish while holding your itinerary for you. Plus, they can be used and styled in multiple ways to fit your needs. Packing less means you can enjoy your summertime more. Show us the bag that you have for this summer trip right in the comment below. Don’t forget to follow us for more essential hacks and tutorials!