Organic Cotton Grocery Bags

Humans have for the last two centuries destroyed, the soils, the air, water and the whole environment with the products that they every day put to use. In a bid to seek retribution, environmentally healthy products are now being introduced to replace the synthetic ones that were previously being used. Some of these products include common ones like grocery bags. The manufacture of grocery bags has had its course shifted towards the use of reusable organic materials like organic cotton grocery bags. The end products of this process are now economical, practical and ensure a healthy environment.

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These high-quality products have assured the world of a better environment in future hence attracting the attention of many investors, innovators and manufacturers. Furthermore, organic cotton grocery bags come in different shapes and sizes as well as diverse designs which can be used by people of all ages and gender. This points out towards acquiring one of these bags with the minimum hustle possible. To ensure the success of this process, the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) organization has come in to provide certification to all the companies that are involved in the manufacture of these bags. This organization stipulates the standards as well as the requirements for every firm involved in the manufacture of organic products. The regulations involve the social responsibilities, labour conditions and the whole ecology chain of changing the raw materials to finished product.

Organic cotton grocery bags enjoy numerous merits that surpass the involved shortcomings. One of the advantages is that the raw materials used are acquired directly from the farmers hence creating a market for locally produced agricultural goods. Various countries in the world enjoy a favourable climate for the production of cotton. However, for a long time, the uses of cotton have always been limited hence the product has been fetching little income from the international market. However, with the increase in cotton uses, its demand has arisen to unimaginable levels hence increasing the income the product fetches in the market. This has provided an opportunity for cotton farmers to have their product being obtained directly from the farms at the price they deserve and an opportunity for investment hence increasing the farmers’ income and improving the general economic status of the involved countries.

Unlike most of the synthetic products that need sophisticated technologies to convert raw materials to simple finish products like plastic grocery bags, the technology involved in the manufacture of organic cotton grocery bags is pretty simple. Investors in this process spend less on technology whence the finished product is sold at a very pocket-friendly price. Moreover, the involved raw material is readily available, easy to acquire and easy to transport because it is less bulky compared to other forms of raw materials like petroleum products involved in the polymerization process to produce plastic grocery bags. The process of acquiring cotton as a raw material from the firms is very easy compared to the process of excavating crude oil. Also, unlike the exploration process to discover the areas rich in crude oil, cotton is cultivated in diverse known areas in the world where the manufacturers can easily locate and access.

Normal transportation mechanisms are the best for the transport of cotton to the firm without destroying the roads, polluting the environment or causing diverse catastrophes like fire. After the delivery of the raw material, a straightforward process of yarn spinning, knitting of the fabric and sewing of the bags follows with the use of rather simple machines. This makes organic cotton grocery bags the best to use since they are associated with less havoc and environmental conservation. The simplicity involved allows for the manufacture of large quantities of the final product in an easy way hence making them cheap and easy to acquire. A lot of income that can be used in different ways is saved in the process and the environment is saved as well.


Apart from the food we consume, another way through which we negatively affect our environment is through simple products like grocery bags that we use daily. The use of eco-friendly products is our only way out hence we must use the resources we have to seek ways to become eco-friendly as fast as possible. The road to identifying high impact products and practices has not been smooth but we are gradually succeeding. With the use of organic cotton grocery bags, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel for our planet.

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